Welcome our Winter Warmers - a new range of hot juices!

Juicing is not just for the summer, but sometimes it is just so cold you just don't want to drink something cold! We know what this is like which is why we have introduced our new range of hot juices called the Winter Warmers.

We started off a few weeks ago with the Apple, Lemon, CInnamon and Cayenne pepper, but this was going down so well we decided to get inventing and have come up with three more flavours. 

Everyone has their own favourite, but which one is yours?

Each hot juice contains exactly what it says - nothing more except heat is added. As you'd expect from Barannes there are no sweeteners or flavourings, just natural fruit, vegetables and natural supplements where stated.

Winter Warmers.jpg

We are serving our hot juices in our 12oz coffee cups with a lid, to keep as much of the heat in as possible.

Remember though this is not a substitute for your regular juices and smoothies because, as you know already, the heating process does destroy some of the nutrients. However they are still an amazingly healthy drink and far better than what you will find in any of the local coffee shops!!