QuidsIn Wheatgrass Challenge - 5 days for £6

Did you see the deal this week on QuidsIn?

It's the Barannes Wheatgrass Challenge, which consists of a daily shot of wheatgrass over the course of 5days for a total of £6. This represents a discount of 40% off our normal price.

Wheatgrass shot.jpg

Wheatgrass has a long list of health benefits, below are just some of them:

- Just one shot of wheatgrass has the same nutrients as a kilo of green vegetables!

- Cleanses and detoxifies

- Speeds up the healing process

- Helps to build up your immune system 

- Protects against the onset of premature ageing

- Increases energy levels

Just a shot a day for 5 days and you'll already feel the benefits - give it a go for only £6!

Click the picture below to take part in the QuidsIn deal, but hurry because it won't be on the site for much longer!