November Juice Bar Specials

We’ve had a break from creating new recipes for you this month, but we have put on some of your favourites from earlier in the year.

At Colomberie we have the return of the Rhubarb Crumble, which was one of our favourites. We were prudent in keeping back some of the fresh rhubarb and freezing it ready to use in this smoothie recipe. If you like things sharp tasting you will love this too!

Joining the Rhubarb Crumble Smoothie, we have the return of the Turmneric Tastic Juice (no need to guess the main ingredient of this one!), Cacao Dream Smoothie, which is a cheeky chocolate milk shake without the calories or lactose, and finally the Ready Set Go Smoothie. This one is based on Avocado, Pineapple, Spinach and Spirulina and works as an excellent detox that also fills you up.


At our Broad Street Juice Bar you can choose from the Bee Active Smoothie (containing Bee Pollen), the Winter Reviver, a beautiful juice made with pears and parsnip and the Green Giant Smoothie made with Kale, Cucumber, Spinach, Chia Seeds and Banana.

Don’t forget we always have a selection of frozen fruit mixes which are blended with apple to give you a refreshingly healthy drink at any time of the day. The frozen mixers include banana, acai, strawberry, cherry and much more. Ask for your favourite or take pot luck on Magda or Inga’s daily choice!

This is also the time of year to take your health shots, particularly first thing in the morning. Take a detour to one of our Juice Bars on your way to work and grab your favourite. I’d definitely recommend the Flu Shot or Ginger Shot to boost your immune system. However, if you are already feeling congested with a cold, why not try the Horseradish Shot? It is guaranteed to clear the airways!

Of course don’t forget, the Wheatgrass Shot, available as a single or double shot, freshly extracted while you wait. If you are in hurry or prefer the wheatgrass as a supplement in another smoothie, then do ask for a frozen shot. At the end of each day if we have any wheatgrass left over we will often extract the juice and then freeze it. It’s a great way to lock in the nutrients and have them later.

Enjoy your juices this month and let us know what you’d like to see on the specials boards in December.