Common detox symptoms


Bowels symptoms – Bloating, diarrhoea or constipation
















Mood swings / low mood




Skin rash

What’s happening

Some people may experience changes to their bowels such as diarrhoea, bloating or constipation. This is because old waste deposits in the bowel are being stirred up and elimination.


Energy levels can fluctuate during detox but remember that your body is using its energy to heal. It’s a good sign.


Toxins which have been stored in cells are being released into the bloodstream. Minor headaches are not uncommon in the first few days, especially for regular coffee drinkers.

Nausea is less common than minor headaches and is usually caused by the flood of toxins being released into the body. It may also be caused by an allergy so keep a note of when you experience nausea.

As the body detoxes on the physical level, it also releases ‘toxic’ emotions. Your mood can change throughout the detox and negative feelings will pass quickly as they are released.


This shows that the body is eliminating toxins, since the skin is an important organ of elimination.

What can help

Drink plenty of water, epically if you are also taking Psyllium husks. Constipation and bloating will pass as the body begins to releases old waste matter, but it may take a couple of days.

Consider enemas / colonic hydrotherapy.

Try not to do anything which makes energy demands on your body – keep exercise light and rest as much as possible.  Drink plenty of water.

Keep drinking lots of water and stick to the detox programme in order to help your body get rid of the toxins.  Try taking a bath with Epsom salts, have an enema.


Anything which supports detoxification such as drinking more water or an enema will help the nausea.

Try drinking ginger tea or peppermint tea.


Acknowledge your feelings and know that they are coming to the surface for elimination and will pass. It can help to keep a journal during your detox and note down thoughts and feelings.

Help your skin to eliminate by dry skin brushing; avoiding sensitive areas. Use only natural skincare products that will not irritate the skin.

Detox symptoms questions

How will I feel during the detox?

You can range from feeling tired and sluggish to full of energy. The first few days can be the most challenging and the time when most healing reactions occur such as headaches, nausea or low energy, but detox reactions tend to come in waves and are often quickly followed by feeling uplifted and energised. Try to keep going and rest as much as possible and drink plenty water. Remember that you’ll feel great once you get through the rough patches and there are many detox aids to help.

Will I be able to carry on with my normal life while detoxing?

Our detox delivery programme has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to carry on with your ‘normal’ life AND detox, but it’s important to appreciate that your energy needs will be different than usual. Your body will be working hard to heal itself and therefore try to make it as quiet a period, especially for the first few days when healing reactions, if any, are more likely. Get as much rest time as you can; take time off to mediate, practise yoga, reflect on your life. Detox not only cleanses the body, but the mind too. Ideally try to plan to start your detox when there is less going on, although we have designed the programme for busy people who haven’t time to prepare their own juices.

Will my bowels habits change?

Another commonly asked question! Your bowel movements may change during the detox as you start to eliminate more effectively, so you may have more bowel movements than usual, or at irregular times of the day. But this is a good thing. The whole point of cleansing is to get the toxins out. On the juice programme, because you are also drinking a large amount of liquids you may find that you need to urinate more frequently too.

Can I have a colonic hydrotherapy treatment while on a juice detox programme?

Yes, certainly. Colonics very much support and enhance the detox process and help to remove toxins quickly. Ideally have a colonic in the first day or two of your detox to minimize healing reactions. You could also book a colonic before and after your cleanse.

What if I am taking medication? Can I keep taking it on the juice detox plan?

That’s really a question for your doctor or practitioner who prescribed your medication. But generally speaking it is best to stay on prescribed medication. Some drugs are contra-indicated with some fruits and vegetables so please consult your doctor first if in any doubt.

What if I am taking herbal supplements or nutritional supplements? Can I keep taking these too?

The supplements we recommend during the juice detox programme have been designed specifically to support your body to detox, therefore you don’t need to take other supplements as well. Just start your usual supplements again when your detox is finished.